Friday, October 22, 2010

Initial Thougts on No One Knowing

Due to the fact that there are several guest preachers over the next few weeks, my next preaching date is November 28-29. The texts for that day are from the Revised Common Lectionary.

My thoughts are still really disjointed on the readings. Hopefully the commentaries will help me develop a bit of coherence. Some of my initial reflections will definitely need to be thought through a little more.

All the readings have undertones of the End of Days and/or the judgment that comes with them. This is definitely a little tricky since judgment is often seen as punishment rather than something good to be prayed and hoped for.

The Gospel lesson does seem to have some good news here--no one knows the day or hour. Therefore, rather than worrying about when exactly Jesus will come again, we can worry about living our lives as best we can.

Advent begins. While we prepare to celebrate Christmas and New Year's--and maybe recover from Thanksgiving--we have to remember that the church's new year or cycle has already begun. How do we reconcile the sacred and secular of our lives?

There is also the theme of readiness. How do we get ready for the coming of the Son of Man?

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